Clubs and Associations

Lakewood is home to many clubs and associations both service oriented and recreation.

Chautauqua Lake Yacht Club – The Chautauqua Lake Yacht Club is dedicated to the fabulous sport of sailing and sailboat racing and the wonderful endeavor of a great meal by the lake.  Fleets include Optimists, Lasers, Portsmouth, E Scows and Sleek Cruisers. Home of the 50th E-Scow Nationals Regatta, we are very proud of our yacht club and its members.  Located on the southeastern end of Chautauqua Lake in Lakewood, NY, the club is a wonderful watering hole for Salty Dogs and Land Lubbers alike. Located at 43 E Lake St, Lakewood, NY. 

Lakewood Rod and Gun Club

433 East Terrace Avenue
Lakewood, NY 14750 

Chautauqua Lake Community Sailing Foundation – Founded in 2014 the mission  of the CLCSF is teaching the community to Sail, Race, and Love the Sport of Sailing!  CLCSF provides coaching, training and instruction in fundamental sailing skills for youth, families and adults, including instruction on safe boating techniques, sportsmanship, boat maintenance, and water safety, to foster and facilitate recreational and competitive sailing by the general public on Chautauqua Lake, and to develop and encourage the appreciation of local boating history and respect for the natural beauty and ecological value of Chautauqua Lake in Chautauqua County, New York.  

American Legion Post 1286

174 Chautauqua Ave.
Lakewood NY 14750
(716) 763-1286 

Kiwanis Club – Kiwanis is a community-focused organization with local clubs in more than 90 countries across the world. Each club responds to the needs of its own community by working on service projects, raising funds for unmet needs and volunteering time to work on projects. 

Chautauqua Lake Association – The CLA’s mission is to provide effective and efficient lake maintenance services for the benefit of all Chautauqua Lake users. As the “Stewards of the Lake,” the CLA serves to promote and facilitate the ongoing scientific monitoring of Chautauqua Lake and its ecosystem.  CLA performs annual general lake maintenance, aquatic vegetation control, floating debris removal, shoreline and post-storm clean-up, plus scientific monitoring to meet lake management needs.

Women’s Club of Lakewood -Founded in 1947 the Women’s Club of Lakewood is a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC).  The GFWC is an international women’s organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.  With over 150 active members, the Women’s Club of Lakewood meets monthly and raises funds for yearly scholarships for high school students, the biannual spring cleanup of Chautauqua Ave., the annual planting of the street planters on Chautauqua Ave., the annual Arbor Day Tree, Christmas Wreaths for the Library and Village Buildings, and many other community service programs.  The Club sponsors two Book Groups, Bridge, Crafts, Garden, Gourmet, Knitting, and Movie Night social groups that meet monthly.  Club membership is open to any resident of Lakewood.