When is the last day I can pay Village taxes without the penalty?

Village taxes must be paid on or before July 1st. Note: (The tax collector accepts USPS postmark of July 1st.) Taxes will only be accepted at the Village Hall through September 30, after that they are relevied to the County for collection.

When is my garbage picked-up?

Household garbage recyclables are picked up every Tuesday and Wednesday depending on your location in the Village. View the schedule here.

More details about the collection of household garbage and recyclables are discussed in this memo to village residents.

When does the Lakewood Beach open?

Generally the Beach will open for the summer season, the last Friday in June.

Where do I go to get a dog license?
If the individual is a resident of the Town of Busti/Village of Lakewood, he or she is instructed to go to the Town of Busti Office, 125 Chautauqua Ave., Lakewood. The Town of Busti is the licensing authority for dog licenses.
What are the rules for using the “Bark Park” with my dog?

You must register at the Village Hall to use the park. Rules and a registration form are available here.

How do I get in touch with the animal control officer?

Lakewood currently has a Dog Control Officer only. All other animals are now the home/land owners responsibility. Dog concerns can be addressed by calling the Village Hall at 763-8557.

 If it is a matter before the Town Court of the Town of Busti, the individual should contact the Court Secretary/Clerk, Ms. Beth Davis, 125 Chautauqua Ave. (716) 763-4695.

Where do I get a marriage license?

The Town of Busti Clerk, Darlene Nygren issues licences. 763-8561

I’ve got a question concerning my sewer user fee bill, who do I call?

Questions regarding sewer user fees should be directed to the South & Center Chautauqua Lake Sewer Districts Office, PO Box 458, Celoron, NY. 14720-0458. (716) 664-9727.

I’ve got a question concerning my water bill, who do I call?

Questions regarding water should be directed to the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU), P.O. Box 700, Jamestown, NY 14702-0700. (716) 661-1660.

Why do I have roily water?

Twice a year (spring & fall) the Jamestown BPU willl flush the water mains which could cause some roily conditions. These conditions should subside over a short period of time. If you have any concerns, call the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities 661-1660.

Where may I dispose of lawn refuse?

The Village of Lakewood maintains a site on Packard Ave., across from the DPW Garage, where residents may dispose of lawn refuse (Leaves, brush, grass clipping etc.). For Village of Lakewood residents ONLY. Call the DPW for information. Monthly curbside collection is offered from May – October. See the policy memo for more information.

Building/Zoning Permits. Do I need a building permit?

 Residents planning on doing any new construction at their residence, (addition, storage shed, fence, deck, etc.) should check with the Building Inspector’s office to find out if what they are planning requires a building or zoning permit.