The Village of Lakewood Fire Department is a fully volunteer organization consisting of firefighters and medical providers. We respond to over 1,100 calls for alarm annually as the busiest volunteer agency in Chautauqua County. With a rich history steeped in tradition dating back to 1893, we dedicate ourselves to providing the highest level of professionalism during all of our emergencies in our community and neighboring ones.


Thank you for your interest in the Lakewood Fire Department. We are an all-volunteer department made up of men and women from all walks of life that are willing to be on call to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. In recent years it has averaged between 3 and 4 times a day that they put aside what they are doing and make themselves available to help their community. We have consistently been the busiest all-volunteer department in Chautauqua County, in 2022 answering 1,132 alarms. We cover all of the Village of Lakewood and about half of the surrounding Town of Busti. The majority of our calls are for medical emergencies and we operate two ambulances and a heavy rescue truck to handle these calls. As you will see by examining our web site, we also have two pumping engines, a 100 foot aerial truck, a 4 wheel drive pickup truck, a Chief’s car, a utility task vehicle (UTV), and a rescue boat. We are fortunate here in Lakewood to have the Village of Lakewood Board of Trustees and the Town of Busti Council that are always supportive of our needs and make it possible to have the things we need to be ready to face any emergency. Please take your time while browsing our web site and if you need further information or have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.




Chief of Department: Kurt Hallberg
First Assistant Chief: Stephen Smouse
Second Assistant Chief: Thomas Allen
Captain: Alexander Hallberg
Assistant Captain: Vincent Certo
Lieutenant: Brandon Fardink
Assistant Lieutenant: Benjamin Troche
Fire Police Captain: Patrick Marlinski
EMS Captain: Donna Bryant

Lakewood Volunteer Company, Inc.

President: Daniel Imfeld
Vice-President: Megan Bretz
Secretary: Laura Gilbert
Treasurer: David Allen
Financial Secretary: Thomas Danielsonn

Lakewood Fire Department History​


Bucket Brigade Launched Lakewood Fire Dept.

Today’s seven pieces of equipment that are housed in Lakewood’s modern fire hall are a far cry from what was used by the Lakewood Bucket Brigade (Established 1893), the only fire protection the village had just before the turn of the century.

On April 4, 1899, the bucket brigade became known as the Lakewood Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1, and in 1905, headquarters were established in the basement of the Odd Fellows Building on Chautauqua Avenue.

After reorganizing as the Lakewood Hose Co. in May 1906, Ellsworth Daugherty was appointed fire chief. During this year, a high-wheeled hose cart was donated to the fire department by the late J.W. Packard, and a group of lakefront residents donated a hose cart. During those days, alarms were sounded by pulling a bell on top of the Rue building at the corner of Third Street and Chautauqua Avenue in the village.

Vintage Lakewood Fire Department Fire EngineIn 1915, Packard donated a parcel of land at the corner of Summit Avenue and Owana Way and $1,500 to the village firemen. On Aug. 25 of that year, ceremonies were held to lay the cornerstone of a new fire hall. At those ceremonies, the firemen were presented with a 1914 Model T Ford Chemical fire engine, a gift of James Packard, the key planner and developer of the village. That truck was the first motorized fire truck in this county. Today it is on display in the Chief George V. Blackstone Fire Museum at the fire station.

 The Lakewood Chemical Co. Inc., the village’s second fire company, was formed in 1924 after authorization by the village board. For the next 40 years, the village was served by the two companies. Two years after its formation, the chemical company pur­chased a fire engine from the Buffalo Fire Appliance Co.  A three-bay addition was completed in 1949, with another bay built on to the fire hall in 1971 provid­ing additional space. This building now houses the Village Hall and the Lakewood-Busti Police.

With the many people taking advan­tage of recreation provided by Chautau­qua Lake, a rescue boat was put into service by the department in 1938 to answer calls of distress anywhere on the lake. In June 1941, a newer boat known as The Garwood, was put into service and in 1942, the fire company purchased the Chautauqua Lake Ma­rine Works on Packard Alley for $1,800. The building, which is the present day beach house, served as a boat house and rescue station.

In 1951, a heavy rescue vehicle was purchased, which had been designed by Lakewood fireman George Blackstone and built by Jamestown’s JNK Corp. It was the first rescue vehicle of its kind in western New York and served as a model for the many that followed. Also in 1951, a custom-built rescue boat, The Eddy, was purchased.

The first fire engine in the United States to use pre-connected Maddydale hose lay was purchased by the Lakewood department in 1954. This vehicle was also designed by Blackstone and built by JNK Corp.

Other notable dates in the fire depart­ment’s history are:

  • The department was the first in Chautauqua County to use mobile radio equipment, in the early 1950s;
  • In 1958, Richard Lattimore was elected fire chief, becoming one of the first black chiefs in New York state;
  • In 1961, the rescue boat service provided by the department was dis­continued after 23 years;
  • Chief George Blackstone was the first of several chiefs from Chautauqua County to serve as President of the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs
  • In 1995 the current Fire Station was built
  • In September 2001 members Dan Imfeld and Donna Bryant responded with the Chautauqua County Contingent to the World Trade Center in NYC.
  • Recently added an UTV vehicle and Fire/rescue boat.

In 1964 the Lakewood Hose Co. No. 1 and the Lakewood Chemical Co., merged to become the present Lakewood Volun­teer Fire Company, Inc.

The department’s rescue service started with the marine rescue unit. In 1951, a land rescue vehicle was pur­chased and in 1973, an ambulance was put into service. All fire department members are required to complete a first-aid and CPR courses during their first two years of membership. Currently the Department runs 2 NYS Certified Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances. There are 15 members currently NYS certified Emergency Medical Technicians (10 EMT-B, 1 Advanced EMT and 4 Paramedics.

The fire department maintains a heavy rescue vehicle, fully equipped with all types of extrication and heavy rescue equipment. In addition, the unit carries spare air bottles and there is an air cascade system in the fire hall that can recharge air tanks anytime.

Lakewood’s fire district covers all types of areas, including residential, commercial, agricultural and indus­trial. The 12 square miles of the district includes the village and the town of Busti.

 The Lakewood Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. has a training facility on East Summit Ave, which includes a classroom, burn building, a 60-foot training tower, and drafting pond.

Department members are very active on the county and state levels with; 1 Deputy Fire Coordinator, Chief’s Association Chaplain, 4 Hazmat Team Members, 5 Technical Rescue Team Members, 6 Fire Police team Members, Two County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Council Members, Two member of the Regional EMS Council and a member of the State Chief’s Special Operations Committee.

Like all fire departments, the training requirements are mandated by the state and federal governments and upheld by the department itself. Lakewood’s maintenance of high training standards has long been a major part of its proud tradition in the fire service. Anyone interested in becoming part of that tradition or learning more about it is encouraged to drop in at The Lakewood Fire Station on a Tuesday evening around 7:00 or leave a message for the Fire Department membership committee with the village Clerk’s Office at 763-8557



On October 24th, 1995 the Lakewood Fire Department held a parade to move all of the apparatus from their original station on Summit Avenue built in 1915 and donated by James Packard to a new state of the art facility located at 37 J.W. Packard Blvd. The old facility is now the location of Village Hall and the Lakewood-Busti Police Department. The new facility encompasses a six bay apparatus area, offices, classrooms and a weight and fitness room. 

Located on Pleasantview Avenue within the Village the Lakewood Volunteer Fire Company Inc. provides a state of the art training grounds which includes multiple training facilities for a wide range of scenarios and live practice (listed below). This privately owned property also includes recreational facilities for members and their families to enjoy. 

  • Live Burn Building
  • Six Story Rescue Tower
  • Propane Powered Car Fire Simulator
  • Hose Advancement Course 
  • Bodies of Water 
  • Multiple Hydrants 
  • Bailout and Ventilation Building


Engine 371-  Engine 371 is a 2016 spartan gladiator fire engine with a Cummins ISX 500 horsepower diesel engine that is paired with an Allison automatic transmission along with 1500 GPM pump and a 1000 gallon booster tank. It is equipped with 1500 feet of 4 inch large diameter hose (LDH), preconnected crosslays that consist of two (2) 1 ¾ inch 200 foot preloads and one (1) 2 ½ inch  250 foot preload. It also has two (2) 2 inch 300 foot preconnect in the rear of the truck and another 500 feet of 2 ½ inch preloads at the rear of the truck as well.  This truck is primarily utilized in the village as the “ first due” meaning if there is a fire in the village, this will be the first truck to be manned by responding volunteers. 

Engine 372-  Engine 372 is a 1999 American LaFrance/ Salisbury/ Freightliner fire engine with a Cummins M-11 400 horsepower that is paired with an Allison automatic transmission along with a 1500 GPM pump and a 1000 gallon booster tank. It is equipped with 1500 feet of 4 inch large diameter hose (LDH), preconnected crosslays that consist of two (2) 1 ¾  inch 200 foot preloads and one (1) 2 ½ inch 250 foot preload. It also has two (2) 2 inch 300 foot preconnect in the rear of the truck and another 500 feet of 2 ½ inch preloads at the rear of the truck as well. This truck is primarily used as the “mutual aid engine” or in the village it would be utilized as the “supply engine”. This truck is the engine to be manned first for mutual aid fires outside of the district, and for in district fires this engine would be the engine to be manned after engine 371 is appropriately manned for water supply operations such as utilizing wet or dry hydrants or drafting operations.  

Truck 371-  Truck 371 is a 2018 Sutphen SPH100 quint with a X15 12 liter Cummins Engine that is paired with a Allison automatic transmission along with a 1500 GPM Hale pump with a 300 gallon booster tank. It is equipped with 350 feet of 5 inch large diameter (LDH) along with two (2) 1 ¾ inch 200 foot preloads and one (1) 2 inch 250 foot preload. Truck 371s primary role is to carry out “ truck company operations” such as conducting a search of the structure for potential victims and ventilating the structure. 

Rescue 371- Rescue 371 is a 2003 American LaFrance/ R.D. Murray/ Freightliner rescue truck with a ISM 400 Cummins engine with a 35KW Generator, a 9000 watt light tower, a cascade station with six (6) 6000 PSI air tanks on it utilized for a mobile air tank refill station. This truck is utilized in multiple aspects in and outside the district such as for auto extrication utilizing the hydraulic hurst tools that are equipped on the rescue or at a structure fire to refill air tanks. 

Ambulance 371-  Ambulance 371 is a 2022 Ford E-450/ Demers type III ambulance with a Ford V10 gasoline engine. Ambulance 371 is utilized as our frontline ambulance on odd numbered months and our reserve ambulance on even numbered months. Ambulance 371 is NYS DOH Part 800 certified as a ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulance which means our Paramedic Providers have all the supplies needed for prehospital advanced emergency medical services. 

Ambulance 372- Ambulance 372 is a 2016 Ford E-450/ Road Rescue type III ambulance with a Ford V10 gasoline engine. Ambulance 372 is utilized as our frontline ambulance on even numbered months and our reserve ambulance on odd numbered months. Ambulance 372 is  NYS DOH Part 800 certified as a ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulance which means our Paramedic Providers have all the supplies needed for prehospital advanced emergency medical services.

Miscellaneous 371- M-371 is a 2017 Ram 2500 ¾ ton crew cab pickup truck with a 6.4 Hemi gasoline engine. M-371 is utilized for a multitude of scenarios some examples of the uses of this apparatus is but not limited to, Fire police or traffic control operations, personnel transport to scenes, transport for B-371 for deployment to lake emergencies. 

Car 371- Car 371 is a 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe with a 5.3 liter V8 ecotec3 gasoline. Car 371 is our command vehicle that is given to the chief during his term as the chief of the department.  It is utilized as a mobile command unit at structure fires and or other major events.

ATV 371-  ATV 371 is a 2022 John Deere XUV835M UTV. ATV 371 is utilized for off road rescues and wildfires, in the winter months the ATV will be outfitted with tracks to traverse rough terrain, and in the spring through fall months it will have the standard tires on. 

Boat 371- Boat 371 is a 22 foot Stanley rescue boat, boat 371 is utilized for lake emergencies, it is equipped with sonar and a built in pump and deck gun that can be used for boat fires. It is also equipped with multiple rescue doors that assist with extricating victims out of the water during a rescue.

Model T 371-  Our Model T serial number three, is a 1914 Ford Model T antique fire truck that was donated to the Lakewood Chemical Company by James Packard on August 25th 1915 when he also donated the first station, it has won multiple antique car shows and has been featured in countless magazines world wide. In its prime it had fought some of the most notable fires in the Village of Lakewoods history.  

EMS - Emergency Medical Services



The department’s rescue service started with the marine rescue unit. In 1951, a land rescue vehicle was pur­chased. In 1973, our first ambulance was put into service starting our Emergency Medical Service (EMS).  Today we are certified at the Paramedic level. In 2022 we had approximately 782 EMS calls. 

Per NYS DOH Protocols our primary destination is UPMC Chautauqua.  Some patients need specialty care which may result in transport to a Trauma/Cardiac/Stroke/Pediatric Center via ground or possibly helicopter.

All fire department members are required to complete first-aid and CPR courses during their first two years of membership. Currently the Department runs 2 NYS Certified Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances. There are 15 members that are NYS certified Emergency Medical Technicians (10 EMT-B, 1 EMT-Advanced and 4 Paramedics). 

Responding to winter car accident


In 2023, after changes in State law, the Lakewood Fire Department was forced to begin billing for Emergency Medical Services provided within the Village of Lakewood and Town of Busti. These funds act as cost recovery to help the Department continue to provide an essential service while combating heavy operational costs. No patient will be billed directly as all funds are pursued directly from medical insurance. Furthermore, any patient who is a resident has their medical insurance co-pay waived as they already assist Department funding through property taxes.  

Prospective Members


Interested in joining the Lakewood Fire Department – a dedicated group of volunteers who take training and professionalism to a high standard while caring for our neighbors? 

Contact Village Hall at (716) 763-8557 or direct message our social media pages for information. You can also download our application below and mail it to the station located at
37 J.W. Packard Blvd, Lakewood, NY 14750.

The current requirements include individuals being at least 17 years of age and living within 7 miles from our station. Once an application is received the process takes about two months before being sworn in as a probationary firefighter or medical provider.



There are multiple benefits to joining the Lakewood Fire Department which includes membership in the  Lakewood Volunteer Fire Company Inc – a private organization which provides the manpower to the Village Department. Working together LFD and LVFC work together to make sure that volunteers have no expenses when signing up to help their community. This includes all training, travel, conferences, apparel, equipment and uniforms provided for free.  

  • NYS Income Tax Break (approved)
  • County Tax Break (approved)
  • School District Tax Break (pending approval)
  • Village Property Tax Break (pending approval)
  • Town Property Tax Break (pending approval)
  • Access to the LVFC Grounds and Clubhouse
  • Multiple Family Oriented Events
  • Paid Training and College Courses
  • Volunteer Credit
  • Growth as an Individual
  • Access to the Village’s Weight and Fitness Room
  • Growth as a Leader

Important Fire Department Events

May 30, 2023 IGEL Training  EMTs will be learning how to use new advanced supraglottic airway devices.  
June 6, 2023 LDH Pump Test  Large Diameter Hose (LDH) is used for water supply at fire incidents. We test our hoses to make sure it is fully operational along with our fire pumps. 
June 11, 2023 Bridge Washing  Washing county bridges with one of our engines. 
June 20, 2023 Burn Drill  Burn drills are essential for interior fire training. Conducted at our Training Grounds, we will be setting up scenarios in our burn building with live fire. 
June 25, 2023  Boat 371  Boat equipment will be checked and tested, along with the pump and nozzle. 

Honors and Memorials


The Mayor’s Award is presented by the Village of Lakewood Mayor and Board of Trustees. It is awarded for heroic performance in the line of duty to save life with little regard to personal safety.

Jack Knowlton – 1972 – Saved a child from a house fire on Chautauqua Ave, Lakewood


Keith Flanders – 1978 – Saved a woman from a house fire on Marvin Ave, Lakewood 


Jack Knowlton – 1978 – Saved a woman from a house fire on Marvin Ave, Lakewood


Greg Osman – 1979 – Saved two elderly women from a house fire on E. Terrace, Lakewood

Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor consists of ID numbers that have been retired and will never be issued to a member again. The number will remain with a past member who went above and beyond the call to service. 

ID #1 Chief Richard J. Lattimore (1948-1975) First African American Fire Chief in NYS History


ID #3 Chief Robert J. Fischer (1953-2002) 


ID #5 Asst. Chief Sherwood C. Jungquist (1947-1994)


ID #6 Firefighter Rollo T. Farnsworth (1938-1993)


ID #12 Asst. Chief Edwin Nelson Jr. (1948-1982) 


ID #16 Chief Herman Knowlton (1943-2001) 


ID #24 Chief George V. Blacksone (1939-1999)


ID #45 Asst. Chief James N. Decker (1954-1957, 1974-2021)


ID #46 Chief Jackson W. Knowlton (1962-2023)



Chautauqua County Legislature Commendation – Steve Smouse – 2022??


WCA Chautauqua County EMT of the Year – Donna J. Bryant 


NYS Dept of Health Bureau of EMS – EMS Leadership Award – Daniel T. Imfeld – 2001


American Legion – Firefighter of the Year


County Level – Jack Knowlton


District Level – George Blackstone, Donna Bryant


State LeveL – Daniel T. Imfeld – 1996



Clyde Norton


Horace Wilson


Clyde Whitford


H. Leo Davis


Marion Emory


Ralph A. Vincent


F. Everett Blood


F. Leigh Swartz


George Lauritson


Guy E. Farnsworth


Edwin S. Rates


Archie Skoglund


John E. McMahon


David Sales


Charles Guertin


Howard Peters


Dick Boutelle


Rollo T. Farnsworth


Sherwood Jungquist


George V. Blackstone


Herman L. Knowlton


Robert J. Fischer


Richard Seder


James S. Lord


Fred R. Dahlbeck


John N. Farnsworth


Peter P. Scott


Terry F. Jenkins


James N. Decker


Edwin Nelson Jr.


Jackson W. Knowlton



Thank you for your interest in donating to the Lakewood Fire Department… 

The Lakewood Fire Department is partially funded by support from the Lakewood Volunteer Fire Company Inc. Donations like yours help us help you and are greatly appreciated.  


Checks can be made out to “Lakewood Fire Department”. Our address is 37 J.W. Packard Blvd Lakewood, NY 14750.