Garbage & 2024 Recycling Calendar

Letter from Beichner Waste Services: Beichner Waste Services letter_03.2024

Collection of household garbage & recyclables

Some minor changes in how residential household garbage and recyclables are collected have been made. Beginning November 2020 glass is no longer considered a recyclable item, glass is now to be placed in with your regular household garbage. Paper & Cardboard will now be picked up 2 times a month. Please take note of the changes below.

Beichner Waste Services, Inc. picks household garbage 2 days each week beginning at 5:00 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is suggested that residents place their household garbage and recyclables out for collection the evening before your scheduled pick-up.

Tuesday morning pick-ups are made north of the railroad tracks from the Lakewood/Town of Ellicott line west through Sunset Ave.

Wednesday morning pick-ups are made from Park Lane and continue west to the Village line including everything south of the railroad tracks.

Recyclables are picked-up as follows:

  • Paper & Cardboard: the 1st Tuesday/Wednesday of each month.
  • Plastics: the 2nd Tuesday/Wednesday of each month.
  • Paper & Cardboard: the 3rd Tuesday/Wednesday of each month.
  • Metal: the 4th Tuesday/Wednesday of each month.

Please refer to our recycling calendar below or obtain a hard copy available in village clerk’s office

2024 Recycling Calendar

Keep in mind there is a limit of 6 bags only




Questions concerning the collection/disposal of household garbage and recyclables may be directed to the Village Clerk’s Office by calling 716 763-8557.