The Lakewood-Busti Police Department is tasked with road patrol and law enforcement in the Village of Lakewood and the entire Town of Busti through an agreement since 1982.  Staffed with full-time and part-time officers the department has a wide array of capabilities including a K-9 Unit and multiple officers on county-wide interagency teams including SWAT, Crime Scene Forensics and others. The agency also includes support staff such as clerical and evidence.

The current Chief is Christopher A. DePonceau who was appointed by the Board of Trustees starting in 2021. His command staff includes two sergeants who supervise two twelve-hour shifts which cover the jurisdiction 24/7.

For any questions/concerns please contact LBPD. A prescription drop-off location is also available in the front waiting room of the station. 

Command Staff and Investigations
Chief Christopher A. DePonceau
Sergeant William A. Cummings (Night)
Sergeant Casey D. Casselman (Day)
Investigator Michael Currie 

Lakewood-Busti Police Department
20 W. Summit Avenue
Lakewood, NY 14750

Non-Emergency Phone: (716) 763-9563

Emergency Phone: 911

Fax Number: (716) 763-3206

Facebook Page: Facebook